Photopolymer Gravure

Liminality, explores questions about identity, transience and the relationship between fiction and reality. The work also uses tales as a metaphor for engagement and the quest for meaning. 


Flora and Fauna, documents both the robustness and fragility of nature. 


Mental Objects, allows the viewer to free associate with impressions of experience. Certain memories fade overtime, this work delays the act of disappearing and retains a kind of magic, (selection of instant images taken using SX-70, land and spectra cameras).


Gelatin Silver

Wanderlust, explores the in-betweeness of making personal journeys and feeding the imagination through tales and legends.  



Traces, explores the act of revisiting locations from the past, the language used is experimental and it is also about finding new routes. Francesca has responded to the environment in an instinctual way, emphasis is placed on capturing the atmosphere through her own judgement.                                  

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